Logic Works - webSHOP


Extract the webSHOP.zip archive under your web-root. By default the URL will be http://yourdomain/webSHOP/ You can change the folder name to Store or something you prefer, or have a sub-domain point directly to this folder by configuring you web-hosting arrangements.

with a text editor open the file store/includes/config.php - this file contains the following:

$PathPrefix = "../webERP/"; //path to main webERP installation
$DatabaseName = "logicworks"; //the company database that will hold the data for the webSHOP
$Theme = "default"; //only have this theme currently
$GoogleAnalyticsID = "";//Need to register with google analytics to get this
$GoogleAnalyticsDomain = "yourdomain.com";
error_reporting (E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE);


The $PathPrefix must be set to the relative path from the store directory to the webERP installation directory on the web-server.


The $DatabaseName must be set to the company database that the store should use for all it's data. Note that the mysql user name and password are retrieved from the webERP configuration file and so they are not necessary here. As webERP is a multi-company application it is necessary for webSHOP to identify the company (database) for which the installation should work with.


Currently there is only one css $Theme called "default" so this must be left as is as must the other variables unless debugging information is required at run-time when these options for error_reporting should be set as per the php documentation and the $debug variable set to 1. To create a new theme copy the default.css to say yourtheme.css make any modifications necessary and change the config.php file line for the theme variable to:


The store uses the data stored in the webERP config.php to obtain the mysql user and password to use in the connection to mysql.

Pointing a browser to:


should now show the following

Now is the time to configure the web-shop inside webERP as follows:

Configuring webSHOP inside webERP

Assuming the webERP installation is at:


Login to webERP and go to webSHOP configuration:

Populate the fields as required.

Config Screen 2:

Payment Method Options

webSHOP can receive and process payments from customers using, PayPal or a number of credit card gateways. This is where the payment options presented to the customer are configured. Similar entries are available for PayPal Pro or Pay Flow Pro - PayPal Pro is only available in the US and Canada and PayFlow Pro is available through PayPal parnters world wide.

Populating the webSHOP

webSHOP is effectively part of webERP. To determine the items to display in the webSHOP the webERP sales categories need to be setup. These sales categories define the structure of the menu displayed in the webSHOP. The webERP sales categories allow for any depth of sales categories, with a top level and any number of sub-categories. Within each sales category it is possible to define any number of items. When these items display in webSHOP they do so with the pictures defined in webERP and using the pricing defined for the default webSHOP customer. If another customer logs into webSHOP - then prices will display in their currency and using their price list.