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Libre Office/OpenOffice webERP Connector

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This Libre Office/OpenOffice extension allows a webERP general ledger balances for a range of periods to be imported automatically directly from Libre Office or OpenOffice. OpenOffice a menu item is added under Addon-->Tools-->webERP Connector (not in Libre Office)

The connector opens a dialog box in Libre Office to collect the necessary information to connect to your remote webERP installation (or it could even be on the same machine or LAN) to retrieve the Trial Balance data for the range of periods you select and imports it into a new sheet in the database named "GL_Data". The trial balance data in this sheet is then defined as a named range called "TB"

Using the vlookup function on this named range Libre Office/OpenOffice.org calc can be used to do any kind of general ledger reporting. There is no better report writer than the one you are used to! If you are used to another popular spreadsheet application Libre Office/OpenOffice.org calc will be very familiar to you.

When you wish to report on another period you simply re-run the connector with a different range of webERP periods and all reports are updated with the new data.

This tool is provided free to registered customers.