Counter Logic Point Of Sale System



Counter Logic POS is an interactive Point Of Sale system that is completely integrated - data including all inventory items, barcodes, prices, customers etc is retrieved over XML-RPC from a live webERP installation. Sales created by Counter-Logic are sent back and processed remotely also using XML-RPC. Making sales with Counter-Logic without a network will just cache transactions created until connectivty is restored.

Counter-Logic POS does not contain functionality to receive goods, set prices, set up items etc. since all this is done inside webERP. It is simply a sales terminal for webERP that can be configured for any number of discrete branches or sales persons. All pricing, items and customers are retrieved from webERP efficiently using a compressed data file created by webERP through the xml-rpc api on request from Counter Logic POS. Sales can be captured whilst the branch has no connectivity and uploaded to webERP at some future time once connectivity is established. The transactions created in Counter Logic POS are cached until they are specifically sent back to the webERP server. However, the client POS machine can run the Counter Logic POS Linker.exe as a scheduled job to automatically send the transactions created back to the webERP server.

The work-flow goes like this:

  • A periodic download of the latest webERP data is required to populate the POS with items and prices etc Each time new items are added to the webERP install or prices changed then a new download will be required so that the POS has the latest webERP data. This is a simple click on the Tools->Download Data option
  • Sales are made and entered into the POS interactively in the store - the POS calculates the change, stores the transactions and prints the receipt
  • The transactions are then periodically uploaded to the live webERP install - this can be run as a scheduled job from the POS computer or as many times are required directly from the POS interface using the Tools->Upload Transactions menu option

The system can be translated to other languages quite easily and quickly - but will need recompiling for your language once the translation is completed. Please contact us for instructions if you wish to translate it to work in your language.

Counter-Logic produces an "End of Day" reconciliation of cash/cheques/EFTPOS (in fact any of the payment methods/media defined in webERP) bankings to sales/takings report. This can be reset when there is a change of personnel and the cash drawer changed out, so each operator is responsible for their drawer.


Currently Counter Logic Point Of Sale System cannot handle webERP serialised/controlled items.

Windows Downloads

Download English Version 0.33 - Released 27 October 2017
Download Spanish Version 0.32 - (thanks to Rafael Chacón
Download Chinese Version 0.26 - (thanks to Exson Qu

Although it is free to try Counter-Logic using the download above, the default configuration will integrate to the webERP demo at
If you wish to use it commercially using your own webERP installation then an annual license fee of USD $19 is required to use this software for every POS lane or terminal it is installed on. Click here to purchase a licence

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